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TS1500, TS1600 and TS1700

Starting from September 2006 TSK release a new test system Design, with...

Test Software

The new CS WIN nx is based on the newest Technologie and is appropriate for the operating system...


TSK develops various module systems which distinguish through custom-built standards of each other....

VS30 (ModuCam)

Video System ModuCam
ModuCam including Packing Table

Video System ModuCam incl. Screw-in Control

In this test system, the camera is built in underneath a packing table in a so-called ModuCam-Box, including the adaptation for the device under test. The test system is especially suitable for fuse boxes and relay carriers that are directly connected to the wire harness. The combination of generous table space and camera boxes built in just underneath the space (of course, more cameras are possible) makes it easy for the users to completely spread out the wire harness and thus, also makes it easy to position the components under test.
Depending on the test requirements or ergonomic needs, the ModuCams can be deployed either horizontally or vertically.

Test Tasks

  • Control of the components' presence
  • Inspection of the color, form and position of the fuse types
  • Inspection of the color, form and position of the relay slots
  • Screw connection of the battery-plus-conductor to the fuse holder (option)


  • Easy handling of large wire harnesses with fuse boxes and relay carriers
  • Convenient parameterizing
  • Structured specification of sample models
  • Reduced and easier training effort, without fundamental expert knowledge
  • During operations, very reliable evaluation during ascertainment of the best possible concurrence by comparing all installed models

Special Tests - Screw Connection 

The battery-plus-conductor is screwed to the fuse holder with an electronic screwdriver tool. The data concerning the rotation angle and torque of the screwdriver are stored and evaluated.

Technical Specifications

Power supply: 230 V
Power consumption: according to the requirements
Air pressure:  6 bar
Lighting: LED or conventional
Cameras: up to 8 cameras (depending on the size of the box)
Adaptation:  individual
Weight: according to the requirements and size of the box
Dimensions (HxWxD): according to the requirements

 Data Sheet (PDF)

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