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Vision System VS AOI

Vision System VS AOI
VS AOI with Screwdriver station
Test Software CS WIN nx with VS nx

Visual registration - electronic evaluation

Test Task

The inspection and assurance of correct loading of fuse boxes and relay carriers during assembly for the automotive industry. The test system reliably recognizes colors and color variants, as well as text inscriptions and patterns.


  • Variable structure of mechanical and electronical components
  • Drawer for an easy handling of the test object
  • Absolutely light shielded test area against external influences
  • High test speed
  • Advanced camera technology for efficient sample control
  • Same hardware for Vision- and HCT-Test


  • Height control (HCT)
    technology for height recognition of  fuses and relays
  • OCR
    technology for character recognition

Test Software

With the easy to use Test Software CS WIN nx and the new Vision Software VS nx.

Add Ons

Screwdrivers station, integration into production lines, Barcode reader, printer, SAP / PPS interface, networks

Technical Specifications

Interfaces:  all current PC-interfaces incl. FireWire 
Power supply: 230 V
Power consumption: up to 1200 W
Air pressure:  6 bar
Lighting: LED or conventional
Cameras: up to 8 cameras
Beamer: up to 2 Beamer
Adaptation:  individual
Weight: according to equipment and adaptation; from 350 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD): 2,200 x 1,100 x 1,200 mm

Data Sheet (PDF)

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