Test Software CS WIN nx


The new generation of the more than 5000 times worldwide installed and well-proven test software of Komax Testing is presenting itself in a new design.
Even easier from the installation to the test. The "Komax Testing Studio" is the control centre for all electrical tests, module tests and vision tests up to communications with other systems. The clear layout allows fast and direct access to the most frequently used functions.
The standard features of the world's leading test software for the cable test show themselves with a new graphical user interface. However, the structures remain familiar in the now newly implemented "Expert Mode" in which the operator can work in the well known software environment.
For improved communication with the operator, the selection of available languages has been extended.
The new structured license model with various equipment packages allows a tailor-made high functionality and enables highly efficient test applications.
Also new is the combination with the service models Extended Warranty Contract (EWC) or Advanced Services Contract (ASC) to ensure for your system a long-term maintenance of value.

Areas of Application

  • Wiring Test (Harness Test)
  • HV-Insulation Test
  • Vision Test / Image Processing
  • Assembly Parts Test ("Clip Test")
  • Torque driver activation
  • Further applications are available upon request


  • Simple and convenient installation
  • Automatic hardware recognition
  • Various drivers for cable tests, module tests, vision tests and more
  • Simple and central user administration
  • Clear-cut module management
  • Data base manager as a central administration tool for the user
  • Convenient project editor, making individual test and project phase management possible
  • Import of testing programs, module management and connector libraries  previously created with the current version of CS WIN Test Software
  • Convenient programming through "Multi-Windows-Editors" and simultaneous operation with various testing programs
  • Simple creation of labels with the graphic Label-Editor
  • ActiveX interface, e.g. for bi-directional transfer of spreadsheet contents to/from Excel
  • Screen display in various in languages
  • Optimize license models for all software options
  • Demand-driven service models