Note Windows 10

Change to Microsoft Windows 10: Ready for the Future with Komax & CS WIN nx

Dear Mrs. and Sir,

Microsoft announced to discontinue sales Microsoft Windows 7+8.1 by 31.10.2017. Your and our new PC systems need to change due to end of sales.
We are going to support you as much as possible and have already started to improve our test benches to ensure a continuous system availability during the change over time.

By 31.08.2017 we change hard- and software our PC based systems to 64-bit operating system Microsoft Windows 10.
Support of CS WIN nx test software based on windows 7 (32/64 bit) will discontinue in the following year at 31.08.2018

Windows 10 test systems require CS WIN nx Version 6.0. Please find it installed onto your new test bench.

In case you need Windows 10 based test benches earlier than 31.08.2017 please ask for an individual offer.

You can get PCs using Windows 7 as spare parts for all Komax test benches until 30.09.2017 from Komax Testing Germany GmbH.
Please contact our service team at any time:

Please check your needs and come back to your individual sales contact or let us know your request by mail:

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions.

Best regards,
Komax Testing Germany GmbH