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Contact Position Test

Contact Position Test
Compare: Collar Pin, Length Measuring Pin, Push Back Pin

The contact position test with the newly developed Length Measuring Pin is the alternative to use Push Back Pins or Collar Pins. In addition to the electrical test the exact position of the terminals in the connector will be tested.

Advantages of the Length measuring pin

  • Easy to adjust via CS WIN nx Test Software (Version or with the TSK Cable Tester CT15i, CT30i or CT30ix (Software Version 1.12.7)
  • Contact distances up to a 1/10" are easily made
  • The theoretical resolution is 5/100 mm


  • Test the correct position of terminals in the connector housing
  • Identify the exact position of the terminal

Function Description

With the Length Measuring Pin, it is possible to identify the exact position of a contact in the connector housing. The set up the Length Measuring Pin is not like the set up of the collar pin and the push back pinto measure or calculate the contacting position for determining the module construction. The set up is possible via the short circuit and wiring testers and their software.


  • Minimum contact spacing 1 / 10 "
  • Adjusting with the Test Software CS WIN nx (Version or the cable tester CT15i, CT30i and CT30ix (Software Version 1.12.7)
  • Various head types for nearly all terminals
  • The theoretical resolution is 5 / 100 mm

Technical parameters

  • min. contact gap: 1/10“
  • Head types: various
  • Spring force travel: max. 5,0 mm
  • Tolerance range: +/- 0,2 mm
  • Adjustment: via CS WIN (nx) or CT15i/CT30
  • Spring force: 1,5 N
  • Lifetime:  min. 100.000 Insertion cycles 

Data Sheet (PDF)

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