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Height Control HCT

Testing the height, depth or slope
HCT Principle of Measuring
HCT Test

Vision Systems with Height Control!
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The quality assurance process of fuse boxes presently includes the testing of colors and fonts, as positions (x / y-direction) of fuses and relays via camera. Not deep enough inserted components (z-direction) are disregarded in this procedure.
The konsequenz is, that the lead to fail of partial or complete vehicle systems in the feld can not be excluded.
TSK Vision Systems with height control relate these problems in the safety process-test for fuse boxes. With the option HCT for vision systems you test precisely and accurately the mounting depth of fuses and relays. For your quality!

Principle of Measuring

In the sheet of light (triangulation) method, a light beam is directed via a line optic onto the surface of the object to be measured. With the help of the camera, a picture of the light line is acquired from the triangulation angle alpha. As a result of the triangulation arrangement of the light line and the camera, any change in the surface make-up below the light line will lead to the light line in the camera image being displaced in a defined manner.

The so-recorded profile (3D profile) is evaluated and compared with the reference data stored in the system. Any deviation outside the tolerance leads to an error message

Test Function

  • Testing the correct locking of a fuse box
  • Testing the height or depth of assembled fuses
  • Testing the height, depth or slope of assembled relays
  • Testing the position and the presence of the transport lock

HCT Features

  • Easy configuration of the test system
  • Highly accurate, precise and fast measurements
  • Up to 30mm measuring height with one line optic
  • Use of existing VS components (eg camera)
  • Low investment for expansion of existing systems
  • Testing, evaluation and recording via test software CS WIN nx

Areas of Application

You can extend the vision systems VS50, VS70 and VS100 with the option height control (HCT). Certainly we provide customer-specific applications and combinations. Ask our employees in sales or services.

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