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TSK develops various module systems which distinguish through custom-built standards of each other....

The cable tester CT45 fulfills the greatest demands in reference to test speed, accuracy and...

Test Software

The new CS WIN nx is based on the newest Technologie and is appropriate for the operating system...


Test System TS1500

Test System TS1500 | CT30ix
Test System TS1500 | CS WIN nx

Bestseller and proven

Our test systems' bestseller distinguishes itself through good ergonomics, which we continually modify according to the newest options resulting from arising advanced technological developments. The primary strengths of the test system TS1500 are the well-structured gradation of manufactured size and optimal area capacity utilization for the TSK adaptation technology, cable tester and PC.

Areas of Application

The quality assurance of medium-sized and large wire harnesses within the industries of cable assembly and automotive suppliers.


First and foremost, the technical options are dependent on the cable testers deployed. Since the cable tester CT35 and the user-friendly testing software CS WIN nx are generally implemented, all possibilities are given for an efficient and convenient quality test.
Depending on the respective expansion of the test system, up to 8,192 test points are possible.

Technical Specifications TS1500

Power supply:
Power consumption:
Air pressure:
Work surface:
Dimensions (W x D x H):

230 V / 115 V (USA)
up to  850 W
6 Bar
according to size (excl. test module)
1.200 (2.400, 3.600, 4.800, 6.000) x 600 (800) mm
1.240 (2.440, 3.640, 4.840, 6.040) x 1.000 (1.200) x 1.200 mm

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