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The cable tester CT45 fulfills the greatest demands in reference to test speed, accuracy and...

TSK develops various module systems which distinguish through custom-built standards of each other....

Test System TS1300

Test System TS1300 with CT12

Test System TS1300

For the small test - in between

This test system is the innovative solution for small and simple connections. The test system is available as a desktop in two sizes, with a flat and a large housing and a work surface of 400 x 400 mm.

Areas of Application

  • Small and medium-sized wire harness and short multipoled connections
  • Ideal in combination with the TSK cable tester CT30ix
  • Barrier-free handling from a standing or sitting position
  • Optimal in computer industry, in machine engineering and for small wire harness producing


  • Up to 256 test points with Cable Tester CT30ix
  • Quick and easy expandable to new test requirements 

Technical Specifications

Power supply:
Power consumption:
Air pressure:
Work Surface:
Dimensions (W x D x H):

90 V up to 260 V
up to 70 W
6 Bar
ca. 16 up to 18 kg (excl. test module)
400 x 400 mm

480 x 650 x 300 mm
480 x 700 x 410 mm

 Data Sheet (PDF)

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