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Cable Tester CT35

Cable Tester CT35

The cable tester CT35 fulfills the greatest demands in reference to test speed, accuracy and extensibility. Especially with large wire harnesses and thus, the required number of test points, the test speed does have a significant influence on the manufacture time; this is where the CT35 achieves peak values.
The maximum test point number per CT35 amounts to 8,192;  in the event that this is not sufficient, several CT35 cable testers can be operated simultaneously in one system; thus again increasing the test speed.  Regardless of the high test speed, no compromises are made in reference to accuracy. All measurements at the test points are precise analog measurements. The activation takes place via the Ethernet through the testing software CS WIN.

Areas of Application

The cable tester has been conceptually designed for deployment in the TSK test systems TS1500, TS1600 and TS1700.
The cable tester CT35 is deployed in the quality control for the production and end test of wire harnesses. The spectrum ranges from wire harnesses of medium size up to large wire harnesses with several hundred connectors and built-in electrical and electronic components.


  • Continuity Test and Short-Circuit Test
  • Testing of resistors, diodes and capacitors
  • Testing of optical fibers
  • B-Plus-Test
  • Intelligent measurement technology with TP-cards and DIO-Bus
  • Connection to master PC via Ethernet
  • 8,192 test points per tester
  • Multi-Tester-Support: You are able to connect several parallel testers to one test system
  • Extended area of the power source up to 200 mA (integrated relay test)
  • Programming according to "golden samples" (autoprog)
  • LED-activation in test modules for identification of locations and failures
  • Pin number function
  • Programming with the testing software CS WIN (CS WIN license required)
  • Creation of statistics for production control
  • Arbitrarily programmable inputs and outputs (8/8)

Technical Specifications: CT35

Testing Current: 1 µA up to 20 mA
Testing Voltage: 0-15 V, measurement accuracy better than 0,05 V
Continuity test via threshold identification: 20 Ohm up to 10 MOhm, accuracy 5%
Short-Circuit test via threshold identification:5 Ohm up to 1 MOhm
Resistance measurement: 10 Ohm up to 1 MOhm, accuracy 2% respectively ± 2 Ohm
Capacity measurement: 10 nF up to 10 µF, accuracy better than 10 % respectively ±10 nF
Diode test: Zener [up to 11 V], Si, Ge
Digital output DO: max. 300 mA
Minimum requirements on the PC: CPU 2,0 GHz, 256 Mbyte RAM, (second network interface card required)
Power supply: 12 up to 24 V DC (wide range power adaptor)
Dimensions: 19", 1 HE (W x H x D): 480 x 42 x 160 mm
Weight: ca. 3,0 Kg

 Data Sheet (PDF)

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