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TS1500, TS1600 and TS1700

Starting from September 2006 TSK release a new test system Design, with...

TSK develops various module systems which distinguish through custom-built standards of each other....

Test Software

The new CS WIN nx is based on the newest Technologie and is appropriate for the operating system...



Overview of Cable Testers

The new generation of cable testers from TSK sets new standards in the world of cable testers

It makes no difference, whether a tabletop cable tester with or without display for small and medium-sized wire harnesses is desired, or a particularly high-performance cable tester in a 19" industrial design with Windows-software; we can optimally fulfill your requirements. All devices have three things in common; they are easy to use and include comprehensive basic functionality as well as extensibility. Extensibility means the immediate option of subsequently extending functionality. This flexibility safeguards your investment - for years.

It should be particularly noted that all of our cable testers always carry out a precise, analog measurement with individual threshold values, even during a "simple" short-circuit and connection test. This technology lends your products the security of low-impedance connections and the protection against high-impedance short-circuits; and all of that at an excellent test speed rate.

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