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Pin Testing System FK50

Pin Testing System with Probe Tip
Pin Testing System and Excel Sheet
Pin Testing System with case

Pin Testing System FK50 & FK50 Studio
Efficient Spring Force Measurement for Test Pins up to 50 N

Flexibly implementable and easy to operate - with the new Pin Testing System FK50 you assure the quality of your testing equipment. You can test the tension of each individual test pin in an easy manner and manually take over the metered values, displayed on a large screen, directly into your maintenance logs. The Pin Testing System FK50 Studio enables the automatic measurement evaluation for logging into your system. Using FK50 Studio the CS WIN nx from Version, with the option Quality Professional, Art. No.: 401 467, is required. In addition, when combining the TSK cable testers, simple classification and documentation of the test adaptor's respective pin is possible.

Interchangeable probe tips ensure that the Pin Testing System can be implemented for almost all test pins from renowned manufacturers.

The Pin Testing System FK50 & FK50 Studio not only makes spring Force measuring more efficient and safe, it also simultaneously renders an important contribution to the professionalism of your maintenance protocols.

Test Functions

  • 5 kg (50 N) capacity, highest resolution and accuracy
  • Measuring in kilogram, oz and N
  • 3 display units: kg, oz, N
  • Tension measuring at the press of a button
  • Button for fast or slow response
  • Retain maximum value
  • Overload protection 7.5 kg
  • Various probe tips for different types of test pins
  • Forwarding of performance data via a RS232 interface to a PC

Technical Data

  • Display: 5-digit, 10 mm LCD
  • Direction of display: selectable via button on the front side of the device.
  • Function: force of load and compressive force measurement
  • Peak Hold: stores the maximum value
  • Zero setting for normal measuring mode and the max-load modus.
  • Metering range: 5 kg / 176.40 oz / 49.03 N (+/-0,5 % at 25 °C)
  • Minimum Display: 3 g / 0.10 oz / 0,03 N
  • Range selection: kg, oz, N
  • Metered value renewal: every 0.2 s in fast mode / every 0.6 s in slow mode
  • Voltage supply: 6 x 1.5 V AA, UM-3 batteries
  • Power consumption: ca. 28 mA
  • Dimensions: 227 x 83 x 39 mm

Purchased Parts Package

  • Pin Testing System incl. probe tips adaptor
  • 6 St. 1.5 V AA, UM-3 Mignon batteries
  • Standard probe tip Ø 4.0 mm, (one additional probe tip)*
  • Original test pins*
  • Manufacturer's certificate of calibration
  • Documentation
  • Data cable*
  • FK50 Studio* for measuring evaluation (Windows XP/7 and the CS WIN nx from Version, with the option Quality Professional, Art. No.: 401 467, is required and the connection via RS232 to the Test System.)
  • Reference charts
  • carrying case

* only with the configuration FK50 Studio


  • Various probe tips
  • USB - serial converter (incl. software)
  • Power pack
  • Recalibration

Data Sheet (PDF)

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