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Video System VS32 Multisize

Testing and guaranteeing of the correct mounting of fuses and relays for the automobile industry...


TS1500, TS1600 and TS1700

Starting from September 2006 TSK release a new test system Design, with...

Test Software

The new CS WIN nx is based on the newest Technologie and is appropriate for the operating system...


Adaptation Systems

Adaptation Technology
TSK Connector Archive

We place high value on the interface

Since the company's establishment, we have developed over 50,000 adaptations and manufactured far more than 300,000 adaptations that play a significant role in the manufacturing quality in cable assembly.
Together with our customers, we have continually developed the testing concepts further and thus, the necessary corresponding adaptation technology. Numerous adaptation concepts have resulted from this collaboration, which in the meantime have become a matter of course for cable assembly within the automotive supplier industry.
Adaptation systems provided by TSK represent the interface between the unit under test (wire harness, connector, etc) and the test system. Inserted into a top plate made of high-class material, the CNC-milled connection cross system assures precise adaptation. An inversion respectively interchange of the connector under test is impossible. The pneumatic connector locking device allows a "Hands-Off-Test". The wire harness must not be moved during the test run. Subsequently, the connector is either automatically released from the test system or released manually by activating the unlock key.


TSK-adaptations always guarantee secure and wearless contacting of any unit under test. Connectors and contacts are never damaged during the adaptation. Contacting takes place with spring-mounted, screwable contact pins or push back pins. The different forms of heads are designed for all common connection contacts. Even during locking via the pneumatic locking cylinder, damages to the connector are impossible.

Development, Design, Manufacture and Final Inspection

A team of developers and design engineers create the designs for the adaptation with state-of-the-art 3D-CAD Systems. Besides the team?s experience, sample connectors from customers or from our connector archive play a significant role. The production is completed with a comprehensive final inspection. 

Connector Archive

TSK presumably has the most comprehensive archive of all types of connectors, which in turn implements an archive program especially developed for this purpose. Thus, it is guaranteed that we always have the correct sample connector at hand for the quality test of those test modules manufactured by TSK.


Adaptations from TSK are manufactured in the most different structural shapes. The main groups of adaptations include:

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