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Test Software

The new CS WIN nx is based on the newest Technologie and is appropriate for the operating system...


The cable tester CT45 fulfills the greatest demands in reference to test speed, accuracy and...

TS1500, TS1600 and TS1700

Starting from September 2006 TSK release a new test system Design, with...

Test Benches

Overview of the performance levels

Efficient, variable, ergonomic and technically up-to-date - Test Benches from TSK

A test bench is part of the test system and is comprised of casing shells, bottom sections including a power supply pack, etc. without test modules, test point cards, cable tester, PC and testing software.

A complete test system for the connection test (electrical test) of wire harnesses is comprised of test modules, test point cards, cable tester, PC, testing software and test bench.

The test bench series from TSK, with their different variants of equipment fulfill a wide scope of application possibilities for the quality test of complete, customized wire harnesses.

Together with the TSK Cable Testers, even both of the smallest models TS1300 and TS1400 fulfill all basic requirements for the quality test of small and medium-sized wire harnesses. With the top-selling test system TS1500 including optimal configuration (incl. cable tester CT35 and testing software CS WIN), you effectively assure the quality of medium-sized and large wire harnesses. For particularly ergonomic requirements, the test bench TS1600 is available with two different angled work surfaces as well as the same configuration provided with the TS1500.
For especially large wire harnesses and for operation including several persons, we offer the test bench TS1700. This test bench's design leaves nothing to be desired; it allows the replication of every wire harness. The optimal test technology offered can also be found in the test benches TS1500 and TS1600.

All test bench models have been adjusted to the newest technical developments and ergonomic findings. The module rails allow variable vertical and horizontal positioning of the test modules.

Standardized interfaces to the test modules allow the implementation of all TSK adaptation systems and in addition, also the implementation of products from other manufacturers.

Test requirements continue to be developed further - test benches from TSK are always re-adjusted to those developments with adapted accessories and well-thought through extensibilities.

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