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TSK's History

World Leadership through Commitment and Innovation

Our roots lie in the testing of wire harnesses. Mr. Helmut Kahl enthusiastically worked towards the objective of reducing costs in automobile manufacture, as well as drastically improving the cost savings and the reliability of the electrical connection technology. In 1983, he established TSK, the short form for TEST SYSTEME KAHL, and developed the tester technology for the quality assurance of customized wire harnesses. As early as the young company's first year of business, the first wire harness test system was delivered to the automotive industry; to our customer "Audi".

Ford, VW and other customers quickly recognized the advantages of such test systems and began supporting their subsequent development. This is how the test system TS 2000, with an external cable tester, was created in 1986  and we obtained a patent for the push back test; where the contacts correct catch mechanism takes place in the connectors and where their electrical connections are tested. A few years later, the test systems TS2100 and TS2200 with a pc-based cable tester followed. The testing software utilized here was an own exclusive development by TSK, which in turn, revolutionized the market. With over 4,000 installations worldwide, the versions of CS WIN in use today are the leading testing software applications on the market.

In 1992, TSK again set new standards: the TS 2300 test systems series was given an attractive design and its ergonomics were trend-setting.

In 1993, the company was converted to today's "TSK Prüfsysteme für elektrische Komponenten GmbH" and was geared to the global market: in1994, we established a subsidiary in the USA and in 1995, we also opened a location in Portugal that was expanded (through the takeover by Metalfina in 1997) to a highly productive location, as well as our location in Turkey in 1997.
In the following years, we further expanded our overseas presence: we followed our customers intensified internationalization in cable customization as well as the opening of the Chinese market and established our subsidiaries in Curitiba/Brazil (1998) and Shanghai/China (2003). And as in the past, we guarantee customer vicinity through our service support centers in Eastern Europe, North and South Africa as well as Middle and South America

Further milestones in TSK's history include its certification pursuant to DIN ISO 9001, the introduction of SAP/R3 in Germany and Portugal as well as the introduction of a uniformed 3D-CAD System for the engineering of adaptation systems implemented in all TSK-locations.
Besides the business area "Wire Harness Test Systems (HT)", with which we continue to be one of the global market leaders, we developed the "Module Test Systems (MT)" as an independant business area. This is where we conceptually design and develop systems for the quality assurance of further assemblies in vehicles as well as special adaptation solutions. We have acquired exceptional expertise for testing doors, seats, cockpits, front and rear ends and roof linings as well as numerous components.

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