Komax Testing Germany GmbH

We dedicate our complete technical expertise and creativity to the quality assurance of electrical and electronic assemblies and components, predominately in the automotive supplier industry. The assemblies include, amongst other things, doors, seats, roof interiors, cockpits and of course, since this is where our roots lie, wire harnesses. As early as 1983, during the first year after our establishment, our first wire harness test system was ready for the automotive industry market and delivered to our customer "Audi". A few years later, we developed the first software system for our PC-based cable tester. Thus, we again revolutionized the market. Several software-development generations later, the testing software CS WIN, currently available, is now the markets leading solution. With our pioneering spirit, we continually develop new applications in the field of quality assurance.

TSK has distinctly coined the global cable test systems market:

The TSK adaptation systems became our trademark. We have defined the basic standards of quality assurance within cable manufacturing, and continue to do so to this day. Numerous product developments and patents attest to our pioneer work. With a clear conscience, we can affirm that Komax testing (former TSK) is actually the epicenter of this entire market.

Since our establishment, Komax Testing stands for 100% reliability in reference to the electrical and electronic systems and modules that are built into an automobile. Not only does this make us a decisive partner of the automotive industry; it allows us to lend the world's major automobile manufacturers the calming feeling of knowing that only components with proven, faultless function are built into their automobiles.

Be it wire harnesses, interior door panels or roof linings, making corrections and doing rectification work on modules already built-in are either practically impossible or only possible with immense effort. Thus, both our test and adaptation systems are influential in regard to decisions concerning smooth manufacture and perfect product quality. On a day-to-day basis, we remain fully aware of our responsibility, and have been facing up to it for more than 40 years.

We (up to 650 staff members) work at 24 manufacturing and service sites worldwide. Thus, we're always in the customers vicinity and able to offer individual solutions as well as fast and excellent troubleshooting.

We are also proud that renowned companies in this global market place their trust in the services of Komax Testing.