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The share of electrical and electronic equipment found in vehicles is constantly increasing. Consequently, an ever-increasing number of components must be tested in reference to function. As a partner of the automotive industry, TSK is predestined for newly arising test tasks. Our solutions are based on long years of experience in the field of quality assurance concerning electrical-electronic components and corresponding adaptation technology.  Nowadays, significant components such as seats, doors, cockpits, front and rear ends, roof linings as well as various modules (e.g. arm-rests) include electrical-electronic systems. Their fault-free function and flawless quality are to be guaranteed and proven to the supplier's customer, i.e. the automobile manufacturer.

Our range of solutions comprises module test systems for virtually all significant components found in vehicles. One core competence in our portfolio are visual inspection systems, e.g. for the quality control of fuse boxes. During the development of manual adapters, assembly of setting-up wire harnesses (e.g. for the motor test) and further special adaptations, we can build on our years of experience in the field of adaption technology.

In the business area "Module Test (MT)", we concentrate on major test tasks and in light of almost every new project, we are confronted with new technical challenges. We gladly accept these challenges and whilst doing so, develop suitable, economical technical solutions for you.

The majority of module test systems are based on the CS WIN nx testing software. Specific functions can be put into practice by means of LabVIEW from National Instruments.  Via defined interfaces and drivers, CS WIN nx can communicate with virtually an unlimited number of hardware components. High-performance standard measurement technology and adaptations, especially developed for the corresponding tests in question, are further significant modules of the module test system, which we tailor to your specific requirements.

Even after the systems have been delivered and accepted by the customer, TSK's worldwide service organization always ensures you comprehensive assistance and support in a timely manner. 

Our scope of services also include:

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