Head Restraint Test

Crash-Active Head Restraints

In the event of a rear collision, the crash-active head restraints (head rest with a pyrotechnical gas generator) receive a signal that activates the airbag sensors located in the head restraints. Triggered by a pyrotechnical generator and in less than milliseconds, two springs transport the head restraint into a secure position. Should the moveable part touch the person's head, the restraint then snaps into place and thus, prevents any backward motion.

Assembly and test station crash-active head restraints

At this test station, the individual components of the crash-active head restraints are manually assembled and subsequently tested. The test bench TS1500, including lighting, label printer, PC and the testing software CS WIN, serves as the basis for the assembly and test station.

Test Tasks

  • Final assembly work
  • Control of the installed parts
  • Testing of the cable's continuity resistance to ensure that the activation sequence functions correctly
  • Inspection of the connection bar code
  • Adaptation for the inspection of the connector

Areas of Application

Testing of active head restraints usually takes place in the automotive supplier industry, e.g. seat manufacturers.


For the adaptation of the connector, a test module (Version 3) is implemented with cushioned, screwable contact pins, which guarantee safe and wearless contacting of the device under test. The connector is pneumatically locked into the contour. If the test is OK, a pin marks the connector. In the event of an error, no marking takes place and the connector must be released by a person authorized for the key-operated switch.  

Technical Specifications

Interfaces: all current PC-interfaces
Power supply: 230 V
Power consumption:  up to 500 W
Air pressure:    6 bar
Weight:   ca. 250 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD):  2,200 x 1,300 x 1,000 mm  

 Data Sheet (PDF)

 Data Sheet (PDF) Airbag connectors in active head restraints

 Data Sheet (PDF) Pyro-actuators in active head restraints

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