Why Test?

Safeguarding Customers

The technical and technological developments in vehicle manufacturing result in a continual increase of possibilities and functions. Individual sub-systems and assemblies particularly wire harnesses, become more complex and in turn, sources of errors and test requirements increase accordingly.
Whether it is a wire harness, door panels or roof linings, corrections or rectifications on modules already built in are practically impossible or only possible with great effort. Therefore, only a zero-error strategy will do.

Achieving 100% of the quality demanded for all assemblies, modules and components means achieving 100% during module tests (MT). We comprehend such module tests as a combination of both measurement and comparison of electrical and other physical variables and at the same time, simulating actual environmental conditions.
We provide suitable and efficient quality assurance systems for electrical, electronic and mechatronic test requirements. Assuring quality means safeguarding the customer; no more and no less.


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