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Wireless Test System

Wireless Test System (WTS)
WTS active adapter
WTS Cable Tester CT11

Checks without limits – Wireless Test System (WTS)

The new self energy-and environment-friendly technology for the highest dimensional accuracy in the wireless presence test of assembly parts in the cable assembly.

Complicated wiring of assembly boards and roundabouts are thing of the past. Self energy supplied wireless switches transfer (868,3 MHz) the presence of adapted assemblies directly to the WTS Tester.

The push of the WTS-radio switch through the adaptation of a clip generates enough energy to transmit a radio-signal. Each WTS-radio switch has a unique address which is transmitted to the WTS Cable Tester. The presence status can be visualized by LEDs on the TSK Cable Tester CT11-WTS or in the test software CS WIN.

The modular system includes a variety of standard components from fiber-reinforced plastic with high dimensional accuracy.

The modular components of the WTS allows:

  • an easy installation
  • an individual and flexible adaptation
  • an almost arbitrary extensibility

Active adaptations *

Custom-made adaptations for all types of clips ensure the correct adaptation of all assembly parts in any position.

Passive Adaptations

Passive adaptations lock the connectors, plugs or other components of the wire harness exactly in their position and allows a precise and convenient installation of the individual wires.

The TSK wireless test system – the ultimate perfection in accuracy grade of presence tests

  • self-sufficient energy and environmentally-friendly technology
  • no wiring of assembly boards
  • unlimited flexibility due to the modular system
  • switches with individual assembly part adaptations
  • efficient cost and safe investment for the future

* In individual cases the assignment of various clips from a limited series to the active adapters can be guaranteed. A technical clarification by TSK is required.

TSK Prüfsysteme GmbH creates and distributes no assembly boards.

Please feel free to contact our sales, or use our contact form.

 Data Sheet (PDF)
 WTS Components (PDF)

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