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Adaptation Technology

Adaptation for car seats

Manual Adaptor

Flexible adaptations are often requested for module tests of complete assemblies. These are then carried out as easy to operate manual adaptors. The flexible manual adaptor establishes contact between the assemblies to be tested and the module test system, and is often deployed directly within the production line. In the automotive industry the electrical functions of complete assemblies are tested before they either move on to a further production process or they are installed in vehicles.


TSK-adaptations always guarantee secure and wearless contacting of any unit under test. Connectors and contacts are never damaged during the adaptation. Contacting takes place with spring-mounted, screwable contact pins. The different forms of heads are designed for all common connection contacts. In this case, contact clearance of 1/10" is no problem, in special cases, even less contact clearance can be made possible.

Locking Devices

Manual adaptors generally lock in the connector via a ratchet lever. In special cases, ball-pressure units or pneumatic locking are possible. Damages to the connector when locked in are also impossible.
For instance, the following assemblies and components (modules) are connected to the function tester via the manual adaptor:

  • Motors
  • Cockpits
  • Door panels
  • Control units
  • Seats
  • Front-Ends, etc.

Complex Adaptations

These adaptations are primarily utilized in connection with the module test system FT5010. Via the adaptations' test pins, currents and voltages can be slaved to the device under test, and thus, real conditions can be simulated with the test object before its installation. Due to their size, complex adaptations are often no longer executable as manual adaptors. These adaptations are often fixed in a test system or accommodated in an adaptor box and in this manner, are connected to the tester or the module test system. In this case, complex function control and function workflows are possible via the test system respectively the testing software CS WIN.

Development, Design and Manufacture

A team of developers and design engineers create the designs for these adaptations with state-of-the-art 3D-CAD Systems. Besides the team's experience, sample connectors from customers or from our connector archive play a significant role. The production is completed with a comprehensive final inspection. Thus, in connection with our cable testers or module testers, an independent test system is created.

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